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Ching Ming Festival  


This is a public event.  Everyone is welcome to attend the Ching Ming Festival.


Location:  850 Lombard Street and Hudson Bay’s Trail. 

Date and Time:  Sunday, April 7th at 1:00pm – 2:00pm


Ching Ming is referred to as Pure Brightness because of the holiday events in China.  Around the world oversea Chinese celebrate this important event too.  The primary role of the Ching Ming Festival is to pay respect and commemorate to ancestors  or loved ones.  Nearly every ethnic group in China celebrates Ching Ming in one way or another.  Ching Ming is also a celebration of spring because of the incoming planting season in most of China.


The Kamloops Chinese Heritage Cemetery contains marked and unmarked graves of Chinese who lived and worked in Kamloops and it is valued on the impact of the railway on Kamloops, resulting in the Chinese population with a strong sense of community.  It is recognized as a national heritage site by the Local, Provincial, Federal governments.


The Chinese Cultural Association and the Chinese Freemasons Association will be celebrating the Ching Ming Festival, a traditional day for ancestor commemoration and taking a spring outing.  The festival is marked with offering of food/wine and the burning ceremonial fake money and paper items to be used in the afterlife.  The Chinese Freemasons members will be giving a demonstration on the procedure of a commemorating ceremony.


After the ceremony, the visitors are welcome to eat the food.


The cemetery has been improved with the support of the Local and British Columbia government, and Canada 150 "A Lasting Legacy Project".