Scam Line Reveals New Cons
November 13, 2010                                                                         <Return to News>                                   

An RCMP "scam line" has proved to be a great success, taking more than 100 calls from the public in its first nine days, police said Friday.

Staff Sgt. Scott Wilson said the success of the line, set up to encourage citizens to report attempted frauds, scams and cons, caught the detachment off guard.  "The scam line is going very well, we are just trying to raise awareness in the community," he said.

In the most recent example of its success, police learned of a new email scam. Potential victims receive what looks to be an extremely official email from Revenue Canada seeking personal information such as social insurance or passport numbers.
Wilson noted the federal government agency never collects information from people by way of email or telephone. People who provide the requested info through the link attached are putting their identity at risk.

"This is big business," Wilson said. "They are creating new scams as we speak, to fire out to the world. They are hoping someone will respond," he said.

The bogus emails from the government, banks or other financial institutions always look real, he said, but the key point to remember is that none of these institutions will seek personal information from customers or clients in such a fashion.

Always be alert, Wilson said, and double check with the agency - or the RCMP - by phone.
"I don't like people taking other people's money. It bothers me personally," Wilson said.

Anyone wanting information about potential scams, or to report something they believe is suspicious, should call the RCMP's scam line at 250-828-3266. If you prefer email, send one to

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