Telus warns of phone scam
June 10, 2010                                                           <Return to News>                                            

A new telephone scam seems to be making the rounds.

Telus says a number of customers have called the company to report a strange recorded message they received from a 905-395-

The message says, “Hello, because you are a valued Telus customer you will receive 3,000 travel dollars. To accept press 1.”
Customers who press 1 are connected to a person who mis-represents themselves as working for Telus and who tries to extract personal information from them, likely for identity theft.

Telus says the calls are a scam and advises anyone who gets such a call to hang up.

If you’ve already divulged personal information to the caller, contact Kamloops RCMP or the Telus fraud team at 1-877-567-2062.
Police and Telus are investigating.

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